Discounts: A How-To Guide


Discounts can really be the deciding factor in your customers decision to make a purchase. Kong has a flexible and powerful discounts system that allows you to offer discounts such as free shipping on orders over a certain amount, to 10% off specific products, and much more.

This guide will explain how discounts work and what all the options mean so you can really make the most of offering discounts to your customers.

To get started, head to Manage and then Discounts, and click on the “Add New Discount” button. Now comes the fun part — setting up your discount:

Discount Settings


You’ll need to give your discount a name. This is for your eyes only, so you can give it a title that’s easy for you to identify in the list of discounts.

Discount Codes

Require your customers to enter a code?

If you say “No” then your discount will be applied automatically, provided the conditions are met (more on that later). If you say “Yes”, however, then you’ll see some new options appear.

How do you want to create the discount code(s)?

I want to specify the code(s) myself

This is great if you only want a single or small number of codes like 10PERCENTOFF, for example. Simply type the codes in to the "Code(s) field, and separate them with a comma or a new line if you want to create multiple codes. Alternatively, you can upload a .csv, .tsv or .txt file that contains your codes in either a comma-separated, tab-separated, or comma- or new-line-seperated format.

I want Kong to generate some codes for me

This is really useful if you want to generate a lot of unique codes for your customers to send out as a “thank you” for their loyalty, for example. You can choose how many codes you’d like to generate, and then use the “Format” field to build the format for the codes.

Clicking in the field will add a grey text block, which allows you to type in whatever you want, for example THANKYOU-. If you’ve already got a grey text block with text in it, then clicking in the field again will create another grey text block.

If you click “Add a dynamic format block”, a blue block will appear that allows you to choose which format and how many characters you’d like. Kong will then randomly generate codes that match that pattern when you save the discount. For example, if you chose “Uppercase alphanumeric” and set the number of characters to “5”, the your codes would look something like THANKYOU-5H78X.

You can also drag-and-drop the different blocks around delete them using the cross icon on each block.

Important: Discount codes cannot be re-used, so if you think you may wish to use the same code again in the future simply set the code to unavailable rather than deleting it.

Usage limit for each code

Whether you choose to enter your own codes or have Kong generate some for you, this field will allow you to restrict how many times each code can be used. You can either enter a number, or leave it blank for unlimited usage.

Usage Limits

How many times can this discount be used

This is slightly different from the “Usage limit for each code” field, in that it applies to the discount as a whole. If you’ve set both, then we’ll use whichever is lowest between this field, and the number of discount codes multiplied by the usage limit for each code. Or if you leave it blank then no limit will be set.

Email me when this discount has been used this many times

If you enter a number here, we’ll send you an email when the discount has been used as many times as you’ve specified.


If you choose “Yes”, then you’ll be prompted to set up some conditions that must be met in order for the discount to be applied. Conditions works in lists. You can add multiple conditions to a list, and you can also add sub-lists, which makes it possible to achieve very powerful sets of conditions.

Each list or sub-list can be set so that “All” conditions must be met, or “Any” conditions should be met.

A condition type can either be “Product In Basket” or “Basket Subtotal Exceeds Amount”. The first option allows you to choose a product, and how many must be in the basket for the condition to be met. The “Basket Subtotal Exceeds Amount” option simply asks for an amount, which is really handy for things like “Free shipping over £75” kind of discounts.

Lastly, if you need to delete a condition or sub-list, just click the “bin” icon to the right of each condition or sub-list.

We encourage you to experiment with different combinations of conditions and sub-lists of conditions to really get the most of the discounts system.


This is where you decide what the discount will actually do. You can take an amount off a product, an amount or percentage off the basket subtotal, or a percentage off the shipping price. These different actions allow you to achieve discounts like free shipping (100% off the shipping price), buy one get one half-price on specific products and more.

You can add multiple actions to combine them together. If you need to delete an action, simply click the “bin” icon to the right of the action.


This discount can be used in conjunction with others

Ticking this checkbox will mean that the discount can be used at the same time as other discounts. If you want two discounts to be able to be used simultaneously, then you need to tick the checkbox on both discounts.

Available or Unavailable

You can choose whether to make your discount available or unavailable. This makes it easy to turn discounts off and on again rather than deleting them.

Valid From and Valid To

You can choose to have your discount only available from or to a certain date and time, or both. This makes it really easy to have timed promotions that end on a certain day at midnight, for example. These dates and times are only taken into account when the discount is set to “Available”. You can also leave the valid from and to fields blank if you want the discount to be available with no restrictions.

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