How to: Set Up Google Webmaster Tools for your Kong Store

  1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and log in with your Google Account.

  2. Click the “ADD A PROPERTY” button

  3. Enter the URL of your Kong Store in the popup.

    If you have a custom domain pointed at your Kong store, use that, and if not, use your Kong Domain (the one that ends in “”)

  4. Verify you're the owner of the website

    Google needs to verify that you are indeed the owner of that website, and there are a number of ways they allow you to do this. The easiest however, is by the
    HTML tag method.

    If the HTML tag method isn’t the one listed under the Recommended method tab, click the Alternative methods tab, and select HTML tag

  5. Copy the code

    In the text that appears after you select
    HTML Tag, click on the text that looks like code to select it, and then copy it to your clipboard.

  6. Paste the Kong in to your Kong Store Admin

    In a new browser tab, sign in to your Kong Store Admin, and go to the “Settings > Analytics” page, and paste the code into the“Before closing </head> tag of just your store's home page” field, and click the save button at bottom of the page.

  7. Go back to the Google Webmaster Tools tab, and click the “VERIFY” button.

You should have just verified to Google Webmaster Tools that you own that website, so you can now use Google Webmaster Tools for your Kong Store

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