How to: Crop Homepage Images

You may find that you need to resize or crop your images to fit Kong's default theme layout.

This is a guide on how to use a third party image tool, called Pixlr, to edit your images. The website is

Step 1:

When you open the website, you will see a modal with 4 options to choose from. We want to select the second option: Open Image From Computer.

Clicking this will open a window on your computer where you can select a photo that is saved in your files. Choose a photo and click Open.

Step 2:

You will see your selected image loaded onto the page.

Near the top left corner of the page you can see the word "Constraint". There is a dropdown menu to the right of it, which has No Restriction selected by default. Open the menu and select the third option of Output Size.

Now you can enter the specific dimensions of the image size you wish to create. For homepage header images it is: 1360 width and 675 height. This is measured in pixels but you do not need to enter any units abbreviations here, just type in the relevant number into the field.

Step 3:

Now, when you move your cursor over the image, you can see a small scale icon where your cursor usually is. Click down and drag to create a fixed ratio container. Once create, you can drag to move the container around the image, or pull the edges to increase or decrease the size of the container.


Once you are happy with the image you can see inside the container, hit Enter on your keyboard to set the change. You may need to increase the size of the image window to see all of your cropped image.


To undo this change, use Command or Control Z on your keyboard, or go to the top menu in Pixlr and click Edit > Undo.

Step 4:

To save your image, go to the top menu and click File > Save


Step 5:

The default settings should be fine. Save as a JPEG at Good Quality and choose the file location of your new photo. Click OK.


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