Section Overview - Customise

This document gives a brief overview of the functionality in the Customise section of Kong.

Note: The Menu can be found in the upper-left corner of the window. Depending on the size of your screen the Menu may be open as a sidebar, or it may be hidden to save screen space. If the Menu is closed just click on the three bars icon to open it. Any directions to use the menu will be written in this format: Menu > Menu Section > Menu Item (for example Menu > Customise > Theme Editor).


Theme Selection

Theme selection is coming soon.


Theme Editor

The Theme Editor gives you control of your store’s appearance. You have a wide range of options to customise the look, with a real-time preview so you can see how your changes will look in context.

We have a detailed guide to using the Theme Editor in our Initial Setup Help Guide.

Theme Pages

Theme pages includes the options specific to your Store’s theme. Note: At launch only the Kong default theme is available. To switch between the different sets of page options there is a dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the page.

If you are using the default Kong theme for your store Theme Pages includes options for the following:

Homepage Content
Add, edit and delete Header Images, Supporting Images, and written Homepage Content

Theme / Layout Content
Header and Footer options for Logo, Contact Details and Social

Product Page
Select Image Zoom functionality

Contact Page
Select which of your details are shown on the Contact Us page, and what fields you require a customer to fill in on the Contact Form


Please note that different options may be available depending on the theme selected for your store.

We have a detailed guide to editing the Homepage in our Initial Setup Help Guide.


Store Pages

The section allows you to manage your core store pages, i.e. the ones that are not affected by a change of theme. You can edit and update the pages, and also add new Custom pages to suit your site’s needs - for example, you could add a page to talk about your company’s supply chain, or a page to discuss your supported charity.

The default set of Store Pages are:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Returns Policy
  • Page Not Found (404)


We recommend that you customise the content of all these pages - customers will be looking out for information like your Returns Policy to get confidence before buying, and your Terms and Conditions help to protect both you and your customers.


Menu Builder

The Menu Builder gives you drag and drop control of your store’s Menu and Footer structure. You can add, edit and delete menu items, customise the text used in the menu, and reorder the menu to best suit your store.

The icons on the right of the screen do the following:

  • Pencil - edit this menu item
  • Eye - make this menu item visible / invisible (black is visible, light grey is invisible)
  • Bin/Trashcan - Delete this menu item


We have a detailed guide to using the Menu Builder


Documentation Updates

We are constantly working to improve Kong and we update this documentation to keep it in line with the latest improvements. If there’s anything in this document that you think is out of date or could be improved please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk to you about it.

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