Section Overview - Manage

This document gives a brief overview of the functionality in the Manage section of Kong.

Note: The Admin Menu can be found in the upper-left corner of the window. Depending on the size of your screen the Menu may be open as a sidebar, or it may be hidden to save screen space. If the Menu is closed just click on the three bars icon to open it. Any directions to use the menu will be written in this format: Menu > Menu Section > Menu Item (for example Menu > Customise > Theme Editor).




In this section you can add, edit and delete Products for sale in your store. Products can be single versions or have multiple variants. They can (and we recommend they do) have images assigned to help customers visualise using them.

You can add Products to Collections and add/assign Product Types and Product Manufacturers directly from this page (You can Manage Collections, Product Types and Product Manufacturers in more detail from the sections described below).

You can manage and customise the SEO and Meta Data of your Products, to help their search rankings and increase your store’s chances of being found.

Products can be made Available to buy now, Available on a specific date in the future, Hidden (unavailable to buy and not shown in the store), or Sold Out.

For a more detailed guide to adding Products please see the Initial Setup Help Guide




Here you can add, edit and delete Collections. Collections are a way to group your products together, and can be added to your Store’s menu. You can choose products one by one to make a manual Collection, or you can set up Rules to create Smart Collections (for example, you could have a Smart Collection that only includes products priced under £20 that are from one particular Product Manufacturer).

When you create a new Collection by default it is added to your store’s menu, under the Shop heading. To edit your store’s menu go to Menu > Customise > Menu Builder. For more information please see the detailed guide to using the Menu Builder.

Important: Please note that if you change the name of a Collection then you may need to edit its title in the Menu Builder. To do this go the the Menu Builder, click on the Collection’s name and update it to match the new one. If you want to check exactly which Collection is being linked to you can click the Edit icon (a pencil) next to the collection in the menu and look at the dropdown menu. You can also change what this menu item links to here.

For a more detailed guide to Collections please see the Collections Help Guide


Product Types


Use this section to add, edit and delete your Product Types. A Product Type can be assigned to one or more Products. They can be assigned when a new Product is created, or added later. You can also create a new Product Type when adding or editing a Product, under the Collections section of that page.

Product Types can be used to manage and sort your Products into Smart Collections.


Product Manufacturers


Here you can add, edit and delete your Product Manufacturers list.

As with Product Types (above), they can be used to sort Products into Smart Collections, and can be assigned to one or more Products.


Manage Inventory

This section allows you to track your stock levels.


Documentation Updates

We are constantly working to improve Kong and we update this documentation to keep it in line with the latest improvements. If there’s anything in this document that you think is out of date or could be improved please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk to you about it.

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