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Collections are one of the most powerful features in Kong. They allow you to create custom groups of products, either via manual selection for pinpoint control or by creating sets of rules that will ensure they’re always up to date.

Collections can be linked to from your homepage, and added to the main menu. They can be used to group products by price, type, manufacturer, and more. You could even have curated guest collections to help your store stand out!

Note: The Menu can be found in the upper-left corner of the window. Depending on the size of your screen the Menu may be open as a sidebar, or it may be hidden to save screen space. If the Menu is closed just click on the three bars icon to open it. Any directions to use the menu will be written in this format: Menu > Menu Section > Menu Item (for example Menu > Customise > Theme Editor).



To get to the Collections management screen open the main menu when logged into your store’s admin area, and click Menu > Manage > Collections.

When you first set up your Kong store we automatically create one Collection for you called All Products. Click to open it and we’ll explore the settings.


Collection Information


This is where you enter the Collection Name and Description. When naming a Collection a good guideline is to make it as descriptive as possible - ‘My Collection 03’ is less useful to a customer than ‘Hats under £20’. Use the description to add some more detail about what the Collection contains, why a customer should be interested, the quality of the products, and so on - any details that will help to attract sales.

Below that you can add an Image to the collection to help customers quickly identify what’s in the Collection. You can have 1 image per Collection, but you can change this image at any time.

You can add the following image types to Kong: .jpg .gif and .png (.png and .gif images can include transparency, but we’d only recommend using .png). Add an image by clicking the Choose Image button, or by dragging and dropping an image from your computer onto the page.

Alt Text is a written description of an image that is usually displayed if there is a problem with an image. It is very useful for accessibility and may help with your search rankings. To add Alt Text click the image or the Alt Text link, then type into the text box and click Save.

You can use a product image, or you can design a banner image in the software of your choice (such as Photoshop) specifically for the collection.


Add Products

This section is the key to a good Collection. There are two ways of adding Products to a Collection:

  • Manually selecting them one by one (which gives you complete control). We refer to this as a Custom Collection
  • Creating a set of rules to automatically populate the collection (which means that Kong will automatically add or remove products based on the attributes you select. This can save you time, particularly if you have a lot of products listed). We refer to this as a Smart Collection


Create/Edit a Custom Collection


To start click the I’d like to manually choose the products tab, then select a product from the dropdown list. Click Add Another Product to add a new text box and select another product. You can keep repeating this process until you’ve added all the products you want to.

You can then reorder the list by dragging the grey handles at the right hand side of the text box. This is the order that the list will appear in your storefront.

Note: Collections are automatically added to your store’s menu when you create them. To change the order/placement of Collections in your store’s menu go to Menu > Customise > Menu Builder. There's more information in this detailed guide to using the Menu Builder.


Create/Edit a Smart Collection


To start click the Let’s create some rules tab.

If you are starting for the first time you can look at the All Products Collection which is created by default. In the All Products Collection you can see that there is a single Rule set up, which is Product Price is Greater than or equal to £0.00. This means that every product with a price will be included in this collection.

You can add multiple Rules to further narrow down the criteria - click the Add Another Rule link and select from:

  • Product Type
  • Product Manufacturer
  • Product Price 


For both Product Type and Product Manufacturer you can specify one or more entry. You can add/manage your Product Type and Product Manufacturer lists by going to Menu > Manage > Product Types or Menu > Manage > Product Manufacturer.

For Product Price there are a number of operators that you can choose from. These are:

  • Less than or equal to
  • Less than
  • Equal to
  • Greater than
  • Greater than or equal to

You can also add multiple price rules to create a price range for a collection. For example, if you added one rule to say Product Price - Greater than or equal to: £10 and another saying Product Price - Less than or equal to: £20 you will have a collection that only shows products priced between £10 and £20 inclusive.




Meta data is information about your product page that helps search engines find and display your page. Kong will automatically generate a page URL (web address) and Page Title based on your Collection name. You can override these if you wish by typing over them - please note that Kong will automatically remove any characters like exclamation marks that cannot be used in the URL.

The Meta Description may show up in a search results page under the link to your page, and keywords may help with some search engines.




Choose if you want this Collection to be Available Now, Available on a specific date, or Hidden. Setting a Collection to hidden can be useful if you’re preparing ahead of time, as you can experiment and then turn it on when you’re ready.

Click Update Collection to save and complete.


Adding a new Collection from the Add / Edit Product screen


Under the Collections heading on the Add / Edit Product screen you have the option to manually add that Product to one or more already-created collection(s), or to create a new Collection. Clicking the Bin Icon will remove the product from that Collection.


Documentation Updates

We are constantly working to improve Kong and we update this documentation to keep it in line with the latest improvements. If there’s anything in this document that you think is out of date or could be improved please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk to you about it.


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