Section Overview - Orders

This document gives a brief overview of the functionality in the Orders section of Kong.

It is important to note that customers can place orders with or without registering with your Store. When a user buys without creating an account we refer to it as the Guest Checkout.

Note: The Menu can be found in the upper-left corner of the window. Depending on the size of your screen the Menu may be open as a sidebar, or it may be hidden to save screen space. If the Menu is closed just click on the three bars icon to open it. Any directions to use the menu will be written in this format: Menu > Menu Section > Menu Item (for example Menu > Customise > Theme Editor).




The Overview section lists all your Store’s orders.  This will start to fill up with data once your first order is received. You can see up to 15 orders per page. Once you exceed this number pagination controls will appear below the list, allowing you to quickly navigate your order history.

The search box is in the upper right corner of the screen.

The Order table gives you at-a-glance information about your Store’s orders. You can see:

  • Order Number
  • Order Date
  • Customer Name
  • Number of Items in the Order
  • Payment Status
  • Fulfilment Status (Whether the order has been shipped)
  • Order Total Value


To open an Order’s Details click anywhere on its row. Any order that has Green Text has an action left to take on it. If the text is black then the order is marked as Paid and Fulfilled (also known as shipped). If the Payment Status is Awaiting or the Fulfilment Status is Not Fulfilled clicking on those words will open the order and take you directly to the controls for that action. These steps are described in the Order Details section below.


Order Details


The Order Details page is where you can Take Payment, Fulfil Items, and Amend Orders. You can also Add Notes for your own reference.

At the top of the page you can see the Order Number, along with the date and time the order was placed. In the upper right corner there is a Print button, in case you need a hardcopy of the order.

Below that are 3 Status Indicators. These allow you to see the Order’s progress at a glance. The following states are possible:

  • Order Status
    • Submitted
    • Completed
  • Payment Status
    • Awaiting - no payment has been captured (taken)
    • Partially Paid - a proportion of the payment has been captured
    • Paid
  • Fulfilment Status
    • Not Fulfilled - no items have been marked as fulfilled
    • Partially Fulfilled - some but not all of the order has been marked as fulfilled
    • Fulfilled


Note about Payment: Your store’s Payment Gateway settings (Menu > Settings > Payment) will decide payment is captured immediately at the point of order, or if you manually collect the payment. This may vary by gateway, so be sure to check the Your Store’s Payment Gateways > when should payment be taken field to confirm how your store is set up. If this value is set to Automatically, when the customer completes the checkout process you will not see Payment Statuses of Awaiting or Partially Paid. If this is set to Manually, I’ll capture payment later when I’m ready to fulfil the order you will need to use the take payment controls in the Order screen. If you’re making changes don’t forget the Save button at the bottom of the page!


Taking Payment


If your store is set for you to Manually Capture Payment (see above) you will see the Take Payment button. Click on it to open the Capture Payment form.

You can choose to Capture Payment for some or all of the order’s value. By default it is set to Capture the entire order - clicking the Accept £xxx.xx button without making any changes will complete the payment.

You can also choose to Capture Payment for some or all of the order’s value. This may be useful when some items are out of stock but you can fulfil others, for example. Each line item has a quantity Dropdown Menu - select how many items you wish to take for. Alternatively you can manually enter the amount to capture using the text box towards the lower right of the form.

We recommend leaving the Send notification email to customer setting checked - open communication helps build trust with customers.

Once Payment has been Captured you will see the details in the Payments section. If there is an Amount still to capture it will be highlighted here. Once the total order value has been captured the Take Payment button will grey out become unavailable.

You can also click View Billing Address in the Payments section to expose the customer’s billing address. This can be different to the Shipping Address, which is shown in the lower right corner of the page.


Fulfilling Items


Click the Fulfil Items button to bring up the Fulfilment Form. Use the Dropdown Menus to select which items have been fulfilled. By default all items are selected, so clicking Fulfil will mark the entire order as shipped. You can return to the Fulfil Items form at any time until all items have been fulfilled.

You can add a tracking link to the Fulfilment Confirmation Email - the link must include either http:// or https:// at the start. An example would be

As before, we recommend keeping the Send notification email to customer box checked.

Once all items have been marked as fulfilled the Fulfil Items button will grey out and become unavailable.


Amending an Order



You can Cancel or Refund an order as needed - either an entire order or a selection of products for a partial refund. You can select quantities to refund using the Dropdown Menus, or you can manually enter the amount to refund. Note: If you have previously Captured a Partial Payment then that will be the maximum amount available to refund.

If you are using Kong’s built-in Inventory Management tools (Menu > Manage > Products > Product Name then check the Track Inventory option for that product and enter the stock level) then you will have the option to Restock Items.

Again, we recommend leaving the Send notification email to customer setting checked. Adding a Reason for Refund is optional, but recommended for the sake of keeping your records complete.


Order History

The Order History section includes three tabs that show all the actions taken on an order sorted by time and date. This includes system events like notification emails being sent.

You can view All actions, just Payments actions, or just Fulfilment actions.

Below this there is a free text field you can use to add any notes relevant to the order.




This screen allows you to see a list of all customers who have registered with your Store.

If you click onto a customer’s name you will be taken to their order history. Here you can see the status of all orders placed by a customer.

Towards the top of the page you will see their name, along with the email address they are using for their account. You can click this to email them directly.

Below that you will see their order history. If they have registered but not yet ordered you will see a message saying This customer has not placed any orders yet :(.

If they have placed orders you will be able to see the Order Number, Order Date, Number of Items, Payment Status, Fulfilment Status, and Total Order Value. You may click anywhere on a row to open that order’s details page, where you can take the actions described above such as Take Payment, Fulfil Items, and Amend Order.

Important note: If a customer has placed an order while not logged in their order will not show up in this section, even if they use the same email address and other details. A customer must be logged into their account for the order to be seen here. If the order you are looking for is not here all orders are viewable from the Overview screen, including those made by non-logged in users through the Guest Checkout.


Documentation Updates

We are constantly working to improve Kong and we update this documentation to keep it in line with the latest improvements. If there’s anything in this document that you think is out of date or could be improved please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk to you about it.

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