Menu Builder

Organise how your customers view the menus on your storeYou can reorder, edit, link, add and delete all menu items.

How to organise your store menus:

  1. Go to Customise > Menu Builder
  2. There are 2 menus to organise - Main (often seen at the top of your store) and Footer (at the bottom of your store)
  3. By default, all of your visible Collections will be ordered under the 'Shop' item in the Main menu
  4. Drag to reorder individual menu items, or drag connected items by moving the top one. You can build multi-level menus this way too.
  5. To Add Another Menu Item, click the button and choose where it links to and type in a label
    -- By default, any new menu item's visibility will need to be turned ON by clicking the eye icon
  6. You can edit or delete any menu items (including changing the item's label) by clicking the icons on the right
  7. Save

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