Add Product Variants

Add variations to your Product, like colour, size or a custom option.

How to add variations to your Product:

  1. Go to Manage > Products > Add New Product
  2. Enter your Product name and description
  3. Scroll down to the Product Details area
  4. If your Product only comes in one version, you can keep the first tab selected and complete the details about your Product
  5. If your Product has any variations, such as colour or size, select the second tab "Yes, this product comes in multiple versions"
  6. Use the Option Type dropdown menu on the left to select how your Product varies, e.g. Colour, or create your own custom Option Type
  7. Enter the properties of your selected Option Type, into the text fields on the right, e.g. Red, Green, Blue
  8. You can drag to reorder these Option Choices, as well as reordering multiple Option Types
  9. You can add another Option Type, followed by more Option Choices. You can delete these anytime.
  10. You can choose to set default values for the variants you are about to create, by ticking the checkbox
    "I want to set default values for all my variants"
    -- Alternatively, you can manually enter all details later by not checking this box
  11. Click Create Variants
  12. A table will generate containing your new variant combinations, for which you can individually edit details by clicking the Edit icon
  13. If you want to recreate a different set of variants, simply re-enter the Option Types and Choices and click Create Variants
  14. If you don't want to include any variant combinations on your store, uncheck the box next to each variant
  15. Complete the rest of the page
  16. Save

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