Add Collections

Collections can be used to group products together and will appear as links in your menus.

How to create a Collection:

  1. Go to Manage > Collections
  2. Give your new Collection a name and description and, if you like, an image
  3. Scroll down to the Products area
  4. If you want to manually create a Collection by adding Products one by one, keep the first tab selected
  5. You can choose which Products you want to include in the Collection by using the dropdown menu and then clicking Add Another Product
  6. You can reorder by dragging Products and delete them by using the icon 
    -- This is the order they will appear in your store
  7. To create a Smart Collection, select the tab "Let's create some rules!"
  8. You can choose how you want to define this Collection by using the dropdown menu, e.g. Product Price
  9. If you select Product Price, you will need to choose an operator, e.g. 'Less Than', and then enter the value in the field below
  10. If you select something like Product Type, you can then choose which products defined by that criteria will be added to the Collection
  11. Complete the rest of the page
  12. Save 

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