Homepage Design

Choose the layout and content of your store's homepage. 

How to add Header or Supporting Images to your homepage:

  1. Go to Customise > Theme Pages 
  2. Select the page you want to adjust from the dropdown menu in the top right of the screen (by default, "Homepage Content" is selected)
  3. Depending on your current theme, you might be able to add images to your store's Homepage
  4. To add an image, click the Add Image thumbnail
  5. You can then choose where you plan to link your image to, such as a Product, Collection, Page, External Link or No Link
  6. If the link destination already has an image uploaded, like an existing Product, this image will appear by default
    -- You can override this existing image by uploading a Custom Image. The link destination will remain the same
  7. You can add a caption for this image and drag to reorder multiple images
  8. Complete the rest of the page
  9. Save

For more handy Guides and Articles, check out Kong Academy.



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